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5 ways to Incentivise your Team to have a Lower Environmental Impact

Written by Oscar Fuentevilla

It is hard to be the owner of a small business nowadays. There are so many things we need to worry about just to keep the business running. And yet, there is this feeling that’s impossible to shake off and that we have to do something about. Yes, I’m talking about the environmental damage that our business causes.


  • As business owners we are limited as to what we can do to get our company’s emissions down. Our workers' indirect emissions are a big amount as well.
  • Simple free actions/positions can incentivize our team to make a change and contribute less to pollution.
  • Consumers are becoming more conscious about what they consume and the chain of production behind it.
  • An environmental-conscious business should aspire to make a change but also promote it to on their employees.

I’ve talked to many colleagues and a big percentage can’t stop feeling somehow guilty for the emissions caused to run their business. Including me. Most of the time it is not even the operation itself that causes the pollution, having people in office and keeping it warm/cold is responsible for almost all.

This is why we have listed the following things that you as a business owner can do to reduce this with the help of your team, you won’t believe how easy it is to make a difference:

  • Offer remote working
    Commuting from the team is usually the largest way in which a business pollutes indirectly. Giving the chance to work remotely some days can make a great difference.
  • Have an open carpooling schedule for interested people
    There is a high chance that there are people in your team that could carpool. You don’t have to force them but giving them an open schedule/map could make this happen.
  • Offer a flexible schedule for public transport and bicycle users
    In offices where most people drive to work, offering a benefit for not doing so makes sense. A flexible arriving time could be the push they need to make the switch.
  • Organize team building activities that also help the environment
    Volunteering Team building is crucial for any work team. Volunteering is a great way in which the company can take direct action for the planet and at the same time build a stronger relationship with your team.
  • Partner with close-by local eateries for discounts for your team
    Consuming local food will always be a better option than buying from a large company just for the transportation. Talk to other small business owners around and get a deal for your employees and push them to consume local.
  • Set an office pool for a group environmental contribution
    Contributing to environmental projects is crucial to fight global warming. Many make a money pool where everybody contributes what they can and it’s sent as a donation. This can be for tree planting initiatives, green energies and more.

As time goes by, consumers are becoming more and more conscious about what they consume and the whole chain of production behind it. This is just another reason to take action as a business and be ahead of time so that your company has a small CO2 footprint. There are many actions you can also take yourself to get there (link to other article).

If you are looking for a quick and direct way to help, contributing to tree planting projects is always a great option and brings great value to companies. Learn more about it by talking to one of our specialists.

Written by Oscar Fuentevilla

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