Mozambique Reforestation Project


Supporting communities to plant mangrove forests, offers long-term employment and livelihood improvements

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In response to the large-scale loss of mangroves in Mozambique, Eden initiated the Maputo Bay Reforestation Initiative with a vision to bring back the vitality of the forests that fringe the rivers and coastline of Maputo Bay in southern Mozambique. The project supports local communities to plant and manage mangrove forests, offers long-term employment and livelihood improvements to local communities, and protects the critical biodiversity that relies on mangrove forests to survive.

Eden’s program began in October 2018 with the Katembe and Madjuva planting sites near Maputo. Since then, operations have grown to include several new mangrove sites and seven terrestrial sites, as well as expansion into the central region of the country in Beira.

This work in Mozambique helps protect coastal communities from environmental disasters, improve fisheries, remove carbon from the atmosphere, and increase biodiversity while also addressing the urgent need for poverty alleviation and women’s empowerment.


Helping in 2 sites over Nepal:

Pokhara Planting Site

28°10’33.83”N, 83°59’55.52”E

2,017 sq km with 41% covered with forest, and harbors the richest biodiversity in Nepal

Lape Planting Site

27°46’14.03”N, 84° 5’33.87”E

The Churia Hills are a working landscape composed of tropical and subtropical forests interspersed with traditional terraced agriculture

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The costs for planting a tree with our partners is between $0.25 to $1 USD. So skipping lunch out on a Friday or that visit to the mall once a month could already help plant hundreds of trees annually